Language Teaching

Working modes, exam preparation, prices

Language Teaching

I teach students of various levels of English proficiency in many different modes of studying. The study program is developed based on the information gathered at the first meeting – Demo. I also offer preparation training for Cambridge language exams and the Polish matura exam. I specialize in teaching people above 16 years of age and I prefer conducting classes in English.

Modes of studying:


• Learning spoken language
• Learning vocabulary and grammar through speaking


• Developing academic speaking, writing and reading skills
• Working with popular science articles, publications and academic books


• Working on business related topics
• Developing business speaking, writing and reading skills
• Presentation preparation training


• short / long intensive (every day, every other day lessons) language training for special

Exam preparation

Cambridge English: First also known as First Certificate in English (FCE).

Cambridge English: Advanced also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

Cambridge English: Proficiency also known as Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

Business English Certificates (BEC) – business English exams.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) the most popular English exam in the world.

In teaching I like its dynamics the most. I like when my classes, for the most part, reflect everyday, natural social interaction. Each student is a partner for me in the process of teaching – that is because a student is an active, inquisitive and – to be honest – the most interesting element in the whole process. I like my job because I love people and the English language. Individual students’ needs and expectations are the most crucial in this type of work. My job is to design a course that is incredibly engaging and effective.

Lesson prices

60 min. class

1 person 50 PLN/p

2 people 30 PLN/p

3 people 25 PLN/p

4> people 20 PLN/p

90 min. class

1 person 70 PLN/p

2 people 40 PLN/p

3 people 35 PLN/p

4> people 30 PLN/p

120 min. class

1 person 90 PLN/p

2 people 50 PLN/p

3 people 45 PLN/p

4> people 40 PLN/p

Demo (first lesson) – half price of the chosen length of the lesson.

Travel costs are additional and it depends on the student’s location.