English for psychologists

English for psychologists

The course was developed mostly for psychology-lovers who are inquisitive and hungry for knowledge but have a problem reaching out to – often times important, needed and interesting psychological English sources fearing the comprehension hardships.

Who is it for?

The target audience for this course are psychology and pedagogy students and graduates with and without practical experience, who are interested in and/or passionate about human behaviour, emotions, interpersonal relations, mental health, and other psychology related concepts.

The course can be customized to individual and group teaching. It was offered in The Institute for Professional Help (Instytut Pomocy Profesjonalnej) in Poznan.


We will be working with popular science articles and publications, watch and interpret English-spoken psychological videos, and discuss, present and create!

Class prices

60 min. class

1 person 60 PLN/p

2 people 40 PLN/p

3 people 35 PLN/p

4> people 30 PLN/p

90 min. class

1 person 80 PLN/p

2 people 50 PLN/p

3 people 45 PLN/p

4> people 40 PLN/p

120 min. class

1 person 100 PLN/p

2 person 60 PLN/p

3 person 55 PLN/p

4> person 50 PLN/p

Travel costs are additional and depend on the student’s location.